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What does tax ethics education mean to you? Do tax ethics have to with your feelings that tell you what is right or wrong when it comes to preparing a tax return? Do ethics have to do with your religious beliefs? Do ethics mean that you are just to do what the tax law requires? Does being ethical consist of the behavior standards that society accepts when you interview clients? Or you don't know what ethics is and don't even think about ethics education?

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Our tax education includes tax ethics education that is acceptable for professional continuing credit for California tax education, Oregon tax education and the IRS tax education requirements. Sometimes applying ethics when it comes to preparing tax returns can be difficult. Most of the time applying ethics just comes down to following the tax code. What about when the tax code does not specifically prohibit something that provides an unfair unethical advantage to certain taxpayers? So many things have to do with being ethical that it becomes extremely difficult to apply ethics when it comes to what is right and what is wrong. The solution is to read and research different dilemmas and situations and ethics education and let's hope for the best.

Ethics education is a complex topic because it seems that ethics is very hard to pin down. I wish I can tell you or give you an exact definition on what ethics is. Although it becomes a bit easier when it comes to applying ethics in tax interview situations, there is no set definition on what is ethical. Everyone is trying to define ethics and in fact doing their best to define ethics by providing sites with deferent links and ethical education. Ethics is so many things, that a specific definition would not work. You just have to sense that when something is wrong even if it is legal to refrain from doing the thing that does not fit into the various definitions on ethics. Laws, like feelings, can deviate from what is ethical. Our own pre-Civil War slavery laws are obvious examples of laws that deviate from what is ethical. The key thing to know is that "not everything that is legal is within the scope of ethics". However, we are in luck because most things that are ethical are also legal.

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