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In your choice of tax schools, select us. Become a paid professional as a preparer of taxes. In your choice of education providers, select one that cares enough about taxes to teach their students everything they need to know about the business of preparing taxes. We are one of the best tax schools for the training.

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You have among many tax schools to pick from. You can find the list of qualified tax schools in the CTEC website. You can also find a list of tax schools in the Oregon preparer site. The tax schools listed in the CTEC website are qualified to offer education in California. For tax schools in other states go to the phone books for those particular cities. You can also find tax schools by going to Google. For Oregon, go to the Oregon website (found in the home of page of our website) for the list of current tax schools approved to offer education in Oregon. We are among the best tax schools around. Simply go to us for your education in taxes.

We are among the best tax schools for excellent preparation for a career in an at-home business. Your selections of tax schools should be one that will offer you the approved curriculum to get you ready for this goal. We are your best choice among all tax schools. Ultimately, it is your choice. Try to pick from tax schools that your know are approved, for sure. This will insure that your selection among the right tax schools was the right one.

Among all tax schools, we are probably the only one that has the option to select your own topics. Tax schools that give you the option to select the topics you want to study are better than the ones that just have one topic. I have looked for tax schools that offer different topics and I have only found a few. Many of these tax schools listed only offered the courses by mail and no online option. A large majority of these schools only have the seminar option. These tax schools have a day listed of when the seminar will take place. Although the IRS is not among the tax schools listed, it offers live seminars year round. This is something you may want to look into. Attending IRS seminars will even give you state education credit.

For a list of CTEC approved tax schools click here. You will find that we are one of the approved tax schools in both listings.

The IRS currently does not have a list per se of approved education providers. In your selection of the training that is qualified to offer IRS approved education you must refer back to Cir. 230 and follow the directions there on how to make your selection of qualified tax schools. We are on the IRS approved list of tax schools with education sponsor number 793. You can find  information on the approved education providers by contacting them. Go to for further information the education providers that are qualified or to get a copy of Circular 230. Circular 230 does not list the tax schools that are qualified to offer the continuing education, but rather lets you know the guidelines for making your choice of the right tax schools. There are probably too many tax schools out there at the federal level to list them all.

Some of your income tax schools are also a community tax preparation service. These firms do taxes in the declaration season and teach in the off season. We are one of those tax schools. That is another thing to consider in your selection of tax schools to get your training from. Are these tax schools just in the teaching business? Or are these tax schools also a preparation firm. If these education providers also do taxes, then you are getting your education from real world practicing professionals. Just like us, we are not just one of those tax schools that just simply get into the theory part of taxes. We actually do prepare taxes. If you just want theory, you can find a community college for that purpose and work on your transfer to a university to further your accounting education.

Tax schools that are in the business of preparing taxes are the best teachers. That is the reason why you can hardly find any tax schools teaching in the heart of the season of preparing taxes. Those education providers whom are also firms that prepare taxes, are extremely busy at that time. We are one of those tax schools. Education providers qualified to teach are the tax schools that are also conducting the business. The tax schools that are not in the business of preparing taxes are probably not a good choice. That is, since these tax schools don't have real world experience in the preparation of taxes.

Look around at other tax schools if you like. You will see that of all the tax schools, ours is the one. Ours is the one that will give you the best training in preparation of taxes. Of all the tax schools, ours is the most user friendly. I also hear that of all the education providers, ours is the most inexpensive. You have a large selection of tax schools, as you may already know, but ours is your best choice.

Of all the approved education providers, ours is probably the only one that lets you start even before you pay. Maybe, of all the tax schools, we are the only one that allows you to pay for one unit at a time if you so wish. What else can be said of the different tax schools out there. It needs to be said that all schools have to have some sort of approved plan. Furthermore, all the approved education providers have to meet the guidelines of some organization. In California, the training has to meet the CTEC education guidelines. In Oregon, education providers have to meet the Oregon Board of Tax Practitioners guidelines for schools. For IRS, the training has to meet the guidelines of the Office of Professional Responsibility.

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