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There are many tax service firms in the United States. If you are in need of a tax service, do your research and find the best one. Here, in our honor roll list, you will a find a good knowledgeable preparer that provides service by him or herself or works in a tax service office located in your city or a city near to you.

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The best service is the one that has the correct know-how. The tax service company with preparers who study in our school are simply the best. gold color human figure carrying big "TAX" letters on back.They offer the best service. Some of the preparers listed here either work for themselves in their own tax service firm or for one of the large tax service chains such as H&R Block and Liberty Tax Service.

They say tax returns can come back to haunt you. The best way to prevent problems is to pick service from the right professional preparer. If you decide to do the work yourself, you should probably still go to a tax service professional to double check your work. A preparer at this tax service firm can save you the money that is costing you by trying to do the work yourself and still have some left over for other things. When taxpayers finally decide to go to a tax service professional to have their taxes done, they realize that all that money that supposedly they were saving by not paying a tax service provider, could have been a greater savings if they had gone to the professional in the first place. There is a good reason why 60% of Americans have their return prepared by a tax professional.

Although preparation may be done by the taxpayer without help from a tax service professional, it is not advisable. It is always best to have your taxes done by a tax service professional. Tax service professionals have varying levels of expertise and charge accordingly. What they charge you sometimes depends on the reputation and size of the tax service firm.

Before you consider the services of the tax service firm or professional, ask questions. The first questions you should probably ask is "Do you have a preparer IRS PTIN?" All paid preparers working in a tax service firm or offering independent service must have one. You can avoid potentially serious issues by checking if your preparer providing the tax service has the correct identification. The IRS just recently began assigning PTINs. If your tax service specialist cannot provide a Preparer Tax Identification Number, you may be asking for trouble and thus be using an unlicensed tax service professional. Furthermore, another question you should always ask the tax service or any kind of service for that matter, is "What are your credentials?" Make sure the preparer maintains his or her tax service credentials, such as by completing continuing tax education every year. You really don't need to ask the preparer what kind of clients they work with, because everything is about income and deductions. Your qualified professional would know what forms to use in every case.

Usually tax service firms are very much set on letting you know after an interview how much they will charge you. Some tax service companies even advertise "Free Quotes", but that is all redundant as it kind of makes sense that the professional cannot know what to charge until they have interviewed you. You can probably compare a tax service professional to a car mechanic, but not so quite. They too interview you and look at your car before they can tell you what the problem is and then give you a quote on service charges. Reputable tax service firms charge a flat fee for their tax service, based on the size and scope of your tax service needs. There is usually a schedule of fees in print for the tax service posted somewhere in the tax service office or in a binder where they keep their interview packets. If the tax service professional is basing your fee on a percentage of your refund, then you should not accept the tax service from them. Accepting any kind of tax service from them could lead to serious problems.

It may seem obvious that if problems arise, a tax service professional will do the proper follow up. You should always ask the tax service professional if they are able to do this, though. You never know, the tax service firm may be too busy to call or meet with the IRS for you. You should also find out if the professional or firm providing the service charges extra to call or accompany you to an audit.

One thing you should try very much to avoid is setting up an appointment in April to receive a tax service. The earlier you see your tax service professional the better. I know everyone loves, or can't help waiting to the last minute to do things, but to meet with your tax service professional, it is always best in January, February or March. It is never a good idea to be looking for service in April. If you do wait to get tax service in April, you will have to wait in those long lines and deal with tax service professionals that are working 16 hour days. I guess, it is alright to wait to April and set up your appointment with a tax service professional if you have no other choice. I mean, the taxes have to be done, be it April, May, June, or December. Taxpayers who file late and ask for extensions are one of the main reasons tax service firms have work all year.

Most tax service professionals are hard working, smart and honest. They just have to be, in doing tax work. The tax laws are quite complicated and the IRS and many states have now passed laws to license all tax professionals. Such laws are forcing the tax service professional to obtain minimum continuing education on a yearly basis. Such education expected of taxation professionals includes taxation law topics, ethics and taxation law updates.

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