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Once you graduate from our tax prep class you will have the liberty to use your tax preparation education skills with any tax service or tax office. Our income tax courses and tax seminars are approved tax courses.

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Just Level 1 for Basic Certification.

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Online Tax Courses:      

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Pay Per Topic Tax Course Topics 1-10
Pay Per Topic Tax Course Topics 11-20
Pay Per Topic Tax Course Topics 21-30
Pay Per Topic Tax Course California Topics CA1-CA6



Option to pay per topic:


Level 1 - Basic Tax Course Topics

You can pay by individual topic instead:

Topic-1 $6.77
Introduction to Taxation
Topic-2 $6.77
Filing Basics
Topic-3 $6.77
Taxable and Non-Taxable Income
Topic-4 $6.77
Medical and Dental Expenses
Topic-5 $6.77
Homeowner Itemized Deductions
Topic-6 $6.77
Job Related Tax Deductions
Topic-7 $6.77
Casualties & Theft Losses
Topic-8 $6.77
Charitable Contributions
Topic-9 $6.77
Child Tax Credit and Additional Child Tax Credit
Topic-10 $6.77
Earned Income Tax Credit
Topic-11 $6.77
Child and Dependent Expenses Credit
Topic-12 $6.77
Education and Education Tax Credits
Topic-13 $6.77
Tax Provisions for the Elderly and the Disabled
Topic-14 $6.77
Self Employment Income and Tax
Topic-15 $6.77
Deducting Business Expenses
Topic-16 $6.77
Tax Deductions for Depreciation
Topic-17 $6.77
Social Security and Medicare Taxes
Topic-18 $6.77
Rental Income and Expenses
Topic-19 $6.77
Selling Your Property
Topic-20 $6.77
Investment Income and Expenses
Topic-21 $6.77
Social Security and Equivalent Railroad Retirement Benefits
Topic-22 $6.77
Contributions for IRAs and Pension Plans
Topic-23 $6.77
Pension and Annuity Income
Topic-24 $6.77
Divorced or Separated Individuals
Topic-25 $6.77
Tax Withholding and Estimated Tax
Topic-26 $6.77
Moving Expenses
Topic-27 $6.77
Calculation of Other Taxes
Topic-28 $6.77
Obligations of Authorized IRS E-File Providers
Topic-29 $6.77
Dealing with Tax Audits
Topic-30 $6.77
Ethics of Practice
  Go to your state for additional hours required for level 1 certification.



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