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Topics for Full-Charge Bookkeeper Certification Course

The following tax certification material is what a tax professional should know to be considered well-learned in tax matters. The tax professional who has successfully attained the following knowledge, we believe, will have demonstrated sufficient competence in taxation.

This course is presented in a clear and readable manner which allows the student to better understand where they are going and why they are going there. A planning and decision-making approach to taxation will help the student develop a decision-making approach to taxation. It also outlines the fundamentals of tax planning by stating the techniques and skills required to apply tax knowledge. Here will will take an overview of income determination and tax for the two primary entities and provide an overview of the fundamentals of income determination for the two primary taxable entities: individuals and corporations. Furthermore, you will develop the basic principles of the tax system and their impact on cash flows and on business decisions. The corporate structure considers the corporate entity, which is the primary business structure.

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Full-Charge Bookkeeper Certification Course

List of Topics                                                                                                                                                    

    Topic Name                                                  


Topic 1   Bookkeeping Basics
Topic 2 Chart of Accounts
Topic 3   General Ledger and Subledgers
Topic 4   Payroll
Topic 5   Purchasing and Payments
Topic 6   Billing and Collections
Topic 7   Cash Management
Topic 8   Inventory


Topic 9   Fixed Assets
Topic 10   Debt Accounting
Topic 11 The Trial Balance
Topic 12   Closing the Books
Topic 13   Balance Sheet
Topic 14   Income Statement
Topic 15   Budgeting
Topic 16   Control Systems
Topic 17   Record Keeping
Topic 18   Cost Reduction Opportunities
Topic 19   Open Your Own Bookkeeping Service
Topic 20   Accounting & Business Ethics




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