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Topics for Professional Payroll Clerk Certification

The following payroll certification material is what a professional payroll clerk should know to be considered well-learned in all payroll preparation matters. The professional who has successfully attained the following knowledge, we believe, will have demonstrated sufficient competence in payroll accounting.

Typically, an entry-level payroll clerk collects, review, approved, and records time records. The clerk also updates attendance records, including vacation, sick, and personal days. Once a payroll is processed, the clerk reviews the information to ensure the accuracy of each employee's pay statement. Job responsibilities will include entering information into the payroll system. Providing information to the finance department concerning the amounts to be paid for taxes, health insurance premiums, retirement plans, etc., may also be part of the evolving duties of the advancing payroll professional. One of the final stages involves the completion of payroll tax returns, employee information returns, federal and state census surveys, and fringe benefit and welfare plan returns. Payroll professionals must keep abreast of the changes in their field so that they can remain technically proficient. This need has been met by an association of payroll practitioners - the American Payroll Association (APA). Membership in the association is open to anyone interested in or engaged in the support of payroll accounting. The APA offers professional training seminars and various publications to its members. Each year, the APA administers an examination for the payroll accountant and awards a certificate to those who pass the exam (Certified Payroll Professional).

Upon completion of this course, we will issue you a frame-able professional certificate of completion. Payroll professionals who study well and who successfully complete the following prescribed payroll certification program with a grade point average of 90% or better can prepare payrolls professionally and can also sit for the APA exam with confidence.      

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Professional Payroll Specialist Certification Course

List of Topics                                                                                                               

    Payroll Topic Name
Topic 1   Payroll Management


Topic 2   Definition of an Employee
Topic 3   Employee Time Tracking


Topic 4   Employee Compensation


Topic 5   Employee Benefits


Topic 6   Payroll Deductions


Topic 7   Payroll Taxes


Topic 8   Tax Remittances


Topic 9   Unemployment Taxes
Topic 10   Payments to Employees


Topic 11   Accounting for Payroll


Topic 12   Payroll Reports
Topic 13   Payroll Recordkeeping


Topic 14   Payroll Procedures
Topic 15   Payroll Controls


Topic 16   Payroll Measurements
Topic 17   Payroll Outsourcing Options


Topic 18   Computerized Payroll Accounting & Software
Topic 19   Prepare for the certified payroll professional exam
Topic 20   Accounting & Business Ethics




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