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Topics for Professional Human Resource Manager Certification Course

Upon completion of this course, we will issue you a frame-able professional certificate of completion. HR professionals who study well and who successfully complete the following prescribed HR certification program with a grade point average of 90% or better can manage employees professionally and can also sit for the professional HR exam with confidence.

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Professional Human Resource Manager Certification Course



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List of Topics                                                                                                               

    Topic Name                                                  


Topic 1   Introduction to HR
Topic 2 Workforce Planning
Topic 3   The Legal Landscape of Employee Rights
Topic 4   Strategic Recruitment
Topic 5   Job Descriptions
Topic 6   Determining Hiring Criteria
Topic 7   Hire From Inside or Outside the Organization?
Topic 8   Recruiting From Outside of the Organization
Topic 9   The Interview
Topic 10   Making a Hiring Decision
Topic 11   Making a Job Offer
Topic 12   On-Boarding New Employees


Topic 13   Strategic Retention
Topic 14   Employee Engagement
Topic 15   Workplace Flexibility
Topic 16   Rewards and Recognition
Topic 17   The Legal Landscape of Compensation
Topic 18   Compensation: An Instroduction
Topic 19   Developing a Salary Structure
Topic 20   The Legal Landscape of Employee Benefits
Topic 21   Employee Benefits
Topic 22   Assessing Employee Development Needs
Topic 23   Best Approaches to Developing Employee
Topic 24   Coaching as an Employee Development Strategy
Topic 25   Performance Management
Topic 26   Critical Conversations
Topic 27   Employee and Labor Relations
Topic 28   Moving From Conflict to Collaboration
Topic 29   Risk Management
Topic 30   Ending the Employment Relationship
Topic 31   Accounting & Business Ethics




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